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Installation of a membrane keyboard:

1.    Membrane keyboards are self-adhesive.

2.    A membrane keyboard may not be bent, and the keys should be pressed only when the keyboard        is placed on a flat, smooth surface.

3.    The minimum operation radius of the tail bend is 2 mm.

4.    Resistance to scratching of transparent windows is limited. They are protected with a special foil            that should not be removed until the device is started.

5.    Prior to the installation of a keyboard, the mounting surface should be prepared:
  • the edges of the slot in which the tail is inserted or other holes must be smooth: the     membrane may be cut and the keyboard damaged;
  • the surface should be cleaned, dusted and degreased.

6.    Take off the protective paper.

7.    Insert the tail through the hole in the front plate and place the keyboard in the desired position.

8.    Carefully press to the surface.